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..since childhood I have always had a big heart and special bond for animals.

About Us

..since childhood I have always had a big heart and special bond for animals.
In our family we have always had animals, I grew up on a big farm on the countryside among horses and cows, and as I took a big responsibility already as a child with lots of big animals and follow their footsteps in life it was natural to step forward to be a breeder.
So when I was 15 years old and I bought my first two dear Elkhounds (never bred them) but when they passed away we started to look for another breed and we found the wonderful world of Pharaohs. So my passion for the breed started and I bought my first Pharaoh Hound, Ch Siphra´s Lizzard King from Britt-Marie Sundqvist (Finland), and shortly after his arrival I imported the bitch Ch Ezhar Bobby Jo from Sheila Simm (UK).

We, Anna and Mathias and our daughter Liv Wahlgren, live in Sweden 120 km south of Stockholm (Nyköping) We have 4 dogs in our home. We prefer to keep the number of dogs in a small scale, as they are living with us in the house, and I want to be able to give them all their fair share of individual love and attention! We got our kennel affix approved in 2001 as we was honoured & entrusted to carry on the well-known and established Ezhar Pharaoh Hounds affix by Mrs Sheila M Simm for that we are forever greatful.  Mrs Sheila Simm started breeding Pharaoh Hounds in 1983 and judging Pharaoh Hounds in 1986.


The beginning of Ezhar. Mrs Sheila Simm,- (Dr Jean Druce, Dr Chris Singer and Miss Monica Still, With several Merymut hounds, Merymut were the foundation stock of Ezhar…

In early -90 i was committe member in the Swedish Animal protector (Södra Södermanlands Djurskyddsföreningen) and for many years i was also committee member of the Swedish Pharaoh Hound Club and having the responsibility for the PHC Website.

And 2013 Anna & Mathias has participated in a breeding education course arranged by The Swedish Whippetclub /Swedish Kennel Club

In 2015 did our beloved daughter Liv Wahlgren become a co-owner of the Ezhar affix.

Pharaohs & Whippets

Our main breed is pharaohs, but our heart also belong with the sporty alert sight hound The Whippet that has lived in our family for almost a decade, we still haven’t bred our first whippet litter yet, as I want to learn more about the breed and find the perfect brood bitch to continue to preserve the best of the best of this magnificent little beauty as they are as a breed!


Our greatest interest is our beloved Pharaoh Hounds & Whippets, we spend most of our time with our dogs as they are our family members. They follow us where ever we go and they are almost never alone. For us it is important that our dogs and puppies have a joyful, happy life that enrich them.

We do attend a few shows each year for fun, but for us it is not important what they can achieve in the show ring, for us they are first highly loved members of our family, we mostly enjoy our life with our dogs as walking in the forest, see them play with each other and having fun.

We also train and activate them a little in obedience, tracking & Lure-Coursing, and actually to retrieve. Retrieving is very unusual for the breed but we have experience that they really enjoy & appreciate it and we will continue to do all sorts of sport that they think is fun and enrich them.

The goal with our breeding


Our aim is to breed elegant but powerful Pharaoh Hounds. True to type, sound and healthy in mind and body. We also want our Pharaoh Hounds to grow up to be happy and outgoing characters, and wonderful companions to the family they live with. In our ambition to breed quality Pharaoh Hounds & Whippets we do not hesitate to search world wide for new exciting bloodlines..

We believe in thoroughly planned long term breeding and not in over breeding in this rare breed. We have a very small-scale breeding trying to preserve the origin Pharaoh. All our puppies are bred & raised in our home. As newborn babies they sleep with us in our bedroom, when they are about 3-4 weeks they move down to the kitchen to take more part of our daily life, as they can listen to all sorts of new sounds and experience new things, and they now also can run around outside in our garden and play with our other dogs. Pharaohs are a very special breed and not a breed for everyone.


For us our puppies are very important as we are very picky in who we sell our puppies to, and our puppy buyers are very important to us and we value a lifelong contact. Before our puppies leave our home at 9 weeks of age they are: fully vaccinated, have a health certificate from the Vet, registered in the Swedish Kennel Club with a following pedigree, microchipped, dewormed and insured.

We aim to breed Pharaoh Hounds & Whippets that will be able to bring their owners joy and happiness in every aspect of life. Be it as a show-, agility-, obedience-dog or just as a loyal and lovely companion…

Your are most welcome to contact us at Kennel

Anna, Mathias & Liv Wahlgren
E mail

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