SEUCH Bazinga Dragoness at Ezhar

SAGA29 okt Saga huvud IMG_8016.jpg
Born: 2017.04.02
Simon Tien Hansen. Kennel Bazinga, Norway
Owner: Anna Wahlgren

We have been spending years of waiting for our Saga! Thank you Simon Tien Hansen. Kennel Bazinga for letting us have this outstanding girl. We love her with all our hearts.

15th of June 2019 – judge Leif Lehmann Jörgensen, Denmark

⭐️BOB with  CC⭐️
17th of june 2018 – judge Anette Bystrup, Denmark
16th of june 2018 – Best bitch 2n with CC

⭐️BOS with CC ⭐️
8th of April 2018,- judge Peter L Jensen

29 okt Saga IMG_8000