Lovely show news from Nat KC show in Norrköping

My Twyborn New Dawn ” INQA”  (I only entered her today.) Was placed as 2 best bitch in open class with excellent and CQ! I am so proud of my little girl. Twyborn also was BOB breeders group. Congratulations to Michael Vikström. 💗🥂 Finaste INQA 2a i  Öppenklasen med Excellent och CK, även utplockad i…

Bästa Tik 2a med Reserv CERT ! 🥂

Nat. KC Show Norrköping. Proud of my little beauty Bazinga Dragoness At Ezhar today in +30 degrees heat. She was placed as Best Bitch 2 with Reserve CC. 💗 Bästa Tik 2a med Reserv CERT ! 🥂 På dagens Nat. KK uts i Norrköping.