# 5 Ezhar Rag Trade & Imerat Paroo Of The Netherlands.

5th litterBorn: 1994.06.28
Bred by Sheila Simm  in UK-AI with frozen semen

·GBCh SBIS    Ezhar The Colonel  19 CC 13 Res CC
·GBCh SBIS    Ezhar The Duke     5 CC´s
·GBCH Ezhar Sir Henry   3 CC´s
·CC-winner Ezhar Empress 1 CC
·Ezhar Charity  (Export France)
·Ezhar Mischief
·Ezhar Sergent Murphy     (Export Luxenbourg)
·GBCH Ezhar Anatis Barab 4 CC´s

5th colonel1GBCH Ezhar The Colonel

19 CC & 15 Res CC

Loved and owned by: Sheila & Nigel Simm (UK)

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GBCh SBIS Ezhar The Duke

BIS at  Pharaoh Hound Club Championship Show

Several CC & Res CC5th Duke

Ezhar Charity
Owned by David & Nito Carpita5th charity

5th sir henry ardvreck

GBCh Ezhar Sir Henry Ardvreck

5th sargent murphy

Ezhar Sargent Murphy


5th anatis barab

Ezhar Anatis Barab