2004.11.30-2016.07.19 Swedens TOP obedience Pharaoh Hound 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013Swedens TOP2 Lure couring Pharaoh Hound 2009Obedience Diploma I and II Rallyobedence diploma N and F Veteran Club winner Bråviken Lure Coursing 20136th place Swedish Championship for Dog Scootering (DS2 B) 2011Best in Show Sighthound show Göteborg 2009SBIS Norwegian Podenco Speciality 2009

Our beloved Sky has left us….

.. in every lifetime i will find you.. You fought so hard for so long to stay with us, but in the end Sky, we had to let you go. We love you beyond what words can express.. ……. Det är så oerhört svårt att säga hejdå på vårens allra vackraste dag. Du älskade solen,…

Year results are here!

With limited showing, my girls manages to get super nice placing during 2018 ⭐️TOP 8 Pharaoh Hound bitch, Bazinga Dragoness At Ezhar ⭐️TOP 14 Whippet bitch, SE UCH Twyborn June Rose

⭐️ Wonderful show news ⭐️

⭐️⭐️ BOB , BIG-1 & BEST IN SHOW-4 SEUCH SBIS Twyborn June Rose ~ STELLA~ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ BOB, 2x CC, BOB- Junior, BIS-3 Junior Bazinga Dragoness At Ezhar ~ SAGA~ I am speechless, thank you judge Annette Bystrup for appreciating my girl so much. I am full of happy tears ❤️💐❤️ Just a fantastic day for…

Lovely show news from Nat KC show in Norrköping

My Twyborn New Dawn ” INQA”  (I only entered her today.) Was placed as 2 best bitch in open class with excellent and CQ! I am so proud of my little girl. Twyborn also was BOB breeders group. Congratulations to Michael Vikström. 💗🥂 Finaste INQA 2a i  Öppenklasen med Excellent och CK, även utplockad i…

Bästa Tik 2a med Reserv CERT ! 🥂

Nat. KC Show Norrköping. Proud of my little beauty Bazinga Dragoness At Ezhar today in +30 degrees heat. She was placed as Best Bitch 2 with Reserve CC. 💗 Bästa Tik 2a med Reserv CERT ! 🥂 På dagens Nat. KK uts i Norrköping.