Magnificent win today!

Tånga Hed. Swe , Whippet Club show .2016.06.26

Magnificent win today !🎉💖🍾⭐️

My beautiful Twyborn June Rose won CC, Best Bitch, BOB, and with the qualifying CC to complete her Champion title and top of that she went all the way to BEST IN SHOW🏆😚🎉⭐️🎉💖💕🏆🏆🏆🏆💕💖🎉⭐️💞🍾🍾🌠🇸🇪

Thanks to the wonderful judge Annette Bystrup for appreciating my girl so much !❤️

And Thank you Michael Vikström for My dream girl ⭐️💕⭐️💕⭐️🌠🎉💞😚😚

Thank you all around the ring for your love and hugs and best wishes ! ❤️💕

Photo by Jörgen Oinonen


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