Looking back

news001It has soon been 7 years since we had a litter but we have a lot to be proud of 14 Ezhar Litters has seen daylight 10 of the litters has been bred by my dear mentor breeder & judge Mrs Sheila Simm in the UK.

Since 2001 I was honored to takeover the affix and 4 Ezhar litter has been seen daylight in Sweden.

And with this limited breeding from the start in late -70 we have a lot to be proud of.

From late -70. 9 GB Champion has been made up and we have over 50 GB CC and over 30 GB Reserve CC & Cruft’s qualifying has been given !!

From 2004 me and Mathias has bred following, only 4 litters:

8 SE UCH (Swedish Champion ) 5 NO UCH (Norwegian Champion) 2 C.I.B (INTERNATIONAL CH) 1 GB CH (GB Champion) 1 FIN UCH (Finnish Champion) 1 LV UCH (Latvian Champion) 1 DK UCH (Danish Champion) 1 KBHV winner Title 1 FCI junior Title 1 Landesieger Title

3 SE LCCH (Lure Corsing Champion) 1 SVCCH (Viltspårs Champion) 2 RLD N (obedience title ) 1 RLD F (obedience title ) 1 LP1 (obedience title) 1 LP2 ( obedience title )

Thanks to all my devoted puppy buyers and judges around the world that has appreciated our breeding ! And thank you Sheila Simm once again for trusting us with your affix!

We have no litter plans in the nearest future.. But so happy what we have achieved so far



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